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Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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We have a wide selection of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Shown is an InogoneOne Oxygenator

A word from the manufacturer:

There are a variety of options available to meet your supplemental oxygen needs, so why choose an Inogen Oxygen Concentrator rather than a competitor's product? At Inogen, we are passionate about improving the lives of those on oxygen therapy. Inspired by a beloved grandmother named Mae, Inogen was founded to create portable oxygen solution for long term oxygen therapy users. Mae was convinced that there had to be a better option for oxygen therapy when she was diagnosed with COPD in the summer of 2000. After Inogen developed the very first Inogen One, Mae told us that it was better than anything she could have ever hoped for. We have continued to strive for that level of success year after year with innovative solutions for oxygen users.

In one qualitative study, patients expressed that they valued that portable oxygen allowed them to leave home experiencing less breathlessness. It also gave them peace of mind to leave home or move about their house.^ Our mission in developing the Inogen One was to provide portable oxygen solutions that empower you to participate in your daily activities and do things you love.